Czech organic pet food producer increases sales

Prague-based organic dog and cat food producer Pet Farm Family (PFF) is investing in its pet food production facility.

Pet Farm Family is seeing an increase in demand and revenues from its organic pet food made in Czech. (Courtesy Pet Farm Family)
Pet Farm Family is seeing an increase in demand and revenues from its organic pet food made in Czech. (Courtesy Pet Farm Family)

Amid an increasing demand for organic pet food in Europe, Czech organic pet food producer Pet Farm Family (PFF) says its revenues are rapidly expanding, encouraging the company to invest in raising its production capacities and launching export sales to a number of new foreign markets. 

“Our revenue rose by 87% [in 2018] compared to 2017. So far, our revenue has increased by approximately 110% [in 2019],” Matej Toman, the chief executive and co-founder of Pet Farm Family, told “We are thinking about investing in bigger and more autonomous machines [in 2020] due to our expansion plans that will hopefully spread PFF products across Europe.”

The company offers a wide range of dog and cat food products. Its three most popular products include wet food, stock/broth and kibbles.

“A still fresh addition to our range, kibbles are gaining more traction every day. I don't exaggerate when I say that high-quality ingredients are really a life changer for some dogs. They also seem to be very palatable because dog owners constantly report positive results when switching to our kibbles from another brand,” according to Toman. “Freeze-dried BARF is currently in development. We have a freeze-dryer, which we use to make freeze-dried treats that are popular among raw feeders, as well as regular dog owners. In addition, we also make meat biscuits with a meat content of more than 60% and regular jerky.”

The manufacturer is based in the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, where Pet Farm Family also operates its production facility. The country’s pet food market is estimated to be worth about US$333 million annually, according to data obtained by local business daily E15.

While the firm’s two main markets are the Czech Republic and Slovakia, company representatives say that Pet Farm Family aims to add further European Union member states to its foreign market portfolio.

“Currently, we export to Hungary and Denmark, but plans for the future include Poland and Germany. We are particularly excited about Germany, because it is a market, where people appreciate the extra effort invested in ecology and sustainability,” Toman said. “Organic products are commonplace in German stores, so we will not have to educate potential customers and could convert them more easily.”

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