Mexican pet food innovation opportunity: Neutered pets

In a region with a large number of uncontrolled pet births, Latin American pet food companies have opportunity to develop formulas catering to sterile pets.

France-based Virbac recently launched its pet food production line tailored to spayed and neutered cats and dogs in Mexico. (Courtesy Virbac)
France-based Virbac recently launched its pet food production line tailored to spayed and neutered cats and dogs in Mexico. (Courtesy Virbac)

Without a doubt, innovation within the Latin American pet food market is a noticeable trend. As the market reaches maturity in some countries, producers are striving for more, introducing the most advanced formulations focusing on specific health conditions, such as weight control.

There are numerous brands of pet food products that treat pet obesity. However, only a couple of companies in the Mexican market have launched pet food products focused on neutered pets. Such innovations are relevant in a market where uncontrolled pet births are sizable.

Although there is no data on the number of spayed or neutered pets in the country, it likely that pet sterilization is rare in most Latin American markets. Uncontrolled pet births are an increasing problem that conveys costs to society, particularly those associated with pet abandonment.

In this token, Virbac, a multinational company headquartered in France, specialized in animal health and nutrition, recently launched its pet food production line tailored to neutered pets in Mexico.

For dogs, the product is available for adults and seniors, for both medium-large and small breeds. Key product claims include high digestibility, skin support and a low allergenic formulation.

For cats, the company launched a product focused on weight control for neutered and non-neutered cats alike. Accompanying the adult and senior versions, the company also offers one for pre-neutered cats. If a pet owner plans to sterilize their cat in the future, this product is the right choice to prepare the feline for that change. One key feature of Virbac´s pre-neutered product is its 45% protein content and a low-carbohydrate formulation.

Along with the products for neutered pets, Virbac has an ample assortment of product innovations under its brand Veterinary HPM.

Given the Virbac case, pet food producers who participate in the veterinary and drug business likely possess some competitive advantage, due to the expertise gained in research and development.

These types of innovations are currently setting the pace of new product developments in the market, as pet owners are increasingly aware of the importance of tailored nutrition.

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