Japan implements certification for pet food salesmen

The latest in pet food-related certifications in Japan will help those selling pet food guarantee the safety and high quality of the products on their shelves.

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Japan's pursuit of excellence in product quality and safety has the Japan Pet Food Association introducing a new qualification test for pet food salespeople beginning in October 2020. 

More on the qualification test

The association's Qualification Examination Management Office will administer the tests in Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo on different dates during the month while observing strict safety measures against COVID-19 transmission. Part of the certification process will be an e-learning session that participants can take individually at least two weeks before the actual exam and away from the examination venue to lessen crowd exposure. Only the actual test will be conducted at each venue and for a maximum of one hour.

Japan‘s other pet-related certifications

This is not the first time Japan has used professional certification to ensure the quality and safety of pet food being sold in the country. Five years prior to the passage of its national Pet Food Safety Law in 2008, the association spearheaded a certification system for pet nutritionists. When the law was enforced a year later, manufacturers and importers of pet food in Japan were expected to observe the standards for production methods and labeling and compositional specifications set by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). The law also obliges manufacturers, importers and distributors (excluding retailers) of pet food to keep records of the name and quantity of pet food manufactured, imported and distributed.

To help the Pet Food Safety law succeed, the association began a safety manager certification system whereby a certified safety manager can visit sales sites to ensure the safety of pet food. The certification is good for three years and is renewable by taking a refresher course.

Benefits of the new certification

The association's new certification for pet food salesmen will ensure they have the prescribed knowledge to guarantee the safety and high quality of the pet food they would sell.

The group will mail the results of the pet food salesman certification test in late November 2020, with successful applicants to also receive certificates, cards and other necessary documents by mail.

The Japan Pet Food Association is made up of 83 pet food companies with 53 associate member companies and 30 supporting member companies as of April 2020. Its organizational history dates back to October 1969, during the era that saw Japan's first locally produced dog food and the start of several domestic pet food manufacturing and sales companies.

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