Top 10 companies producing food for ‘other’ pets

Most of the companies in the Top Pet Food Companies database producing food for ‘other’ pets are headquartered in Europe.

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While pet food companies producing dog or cat food strongly dominate the Top Pet Food Companies database and rankings, 37 companies in the database produce pet food or treats for small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds.

June 2020 Packaged Facts data showed that 5% of total U.S. pet market sales come from food for pets other than cats or dogs, according to an article from Petfood Industry Editor Lindsay Beaton.

Additionally, “Compared with overall and historic pet ownership patterns, (U.S.) pet adoption in 2020 has been disproportionately high for ‘other’ types of pets …” reported Packaged Facts.

Companies producing food or treats for small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds

Ranked by annual revenue in USD millions

  1. Spectrum Brands / United Pet Group: 870.2
  2. Deuerer: 721.1
  3. Heristo AG: 700.0
  4. Agrolimen SA: 580.0
  5. Central Garden & Pet: 452.1
  6. Perfect Companion Group Co.: 375.0
  7. Vitakraft Pet Care GmbH & Co.: 275.0
  8. Versele-Laga NV: 264.9
  9. Vafo Group: 252.4
  10. Group Depre: 250.0

Where are companies producing food for ‘other’ pets headquartered?

Of the companies Petfood Industry is tracking for its Top Pet Food Companies database that produce food for pets in the ‘other’ category, most – 20 – are headquartered in Europe. Nine are based in North America, six in Asia and two in Latin America.

Looking more closely at the country level, most of the companies producing this type of pet food are headquartered in the United States (nine), the United Kingdom (six) and Japan (five).

Top Pet Food Companies database

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