Pet food startup in Poland grows with new product launches

Boomerang, a Polish pet food marketer, is less than two years old but has seen steady growth thanks to new products and a budding export business.

Shaggy is Boomerang's beta taster and informal CEO.
Shaggy is Boomerang's beta taster and informal CEO.
Courtesy of Boomerang

Boomerang, a Polish pet food brand, is preparing to launch two new products next year amid an increasing interest in its output in both the domestic and foreign markets, according to senior company representatives.

The company offers wet and dry pet food for dogs and cats, as well as treats and related products. Its products distinguish themselves with high meat content, lack of added cereals, gluten and artificial colorings, and a high level of vitamins, according to Boomerang information.

Pet food encountered on vacation, fed back home

Co-founder Marcin Wysługocki said the company outsources production to three factories located in Poland, plus one plant in the UK.

“We are based in Szczecin, a city in Poland’s northwestern part, so, owing to our proximity to the border with Germany, we are increasingly cooperating with customers and partners from that market,” he explained. “We have customers who fed their pets with our products while vacationing in Poland, and once they were back home, they wanted to continue to feed them with our pet food. 

“Most recently, we shipped our products to the Netherlands, and we have also exported our pet food to the U.K.,” continued Wysługocki, who established Boomerang with his wife, Angelika.

Tested and approved by CEO Shaggy

Wysługocki said Boomerang entered the Polish pet food market about 23 months ago and is currently readying to add two new products to its portfolio in 2023.

“The prices of raw materials are rapidly rising, which makes it difficult for companies like ours to launch new pet food products with high-quality ingredients. This said, we want to offer prime nutrition for our customers’ pets and also diversify our offer,” the entrepreneur said. “Next year, we will introduce two new recipes: For little dogs, we will launch duck meat-based pet food, and for medium and large dogs, we will release a new pet food product based on turkey and rabbit meat.”

All the company’s products are tested by Shaggy, the owners’ Golden Retriever. “We call him our beta tester, although you could even call him our informal CEO, as he’s often the one who makes the final decisions on our pet food products,” Wysługocki said. “We want our pet food to reflect our deep love for animals, and we’re proud to be the partners of local pet shelters to which we deliver food for pets in need of a special diet.”

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