Mexican dog, cat, other pet food companies’ revenues 2021

Pet food industry innovation and expansion continued despite inflation affecting the Mexican dog and cat food markets.

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Although hindered by inflation, the pet food industry in Mexico has continued to innovate and expand in 2022. Starting in 2021 and continuing this year, both Mexican-owned and international pet food companies have invested in facility construction projects, including, MarsADM, Flagasa and Grupo Sesajal, reported Petfood Industry freelance reporter Ivan Franco, founder of consultancy Triplethree International.

Pet food industry investments in infrastructure continued despite inflation affecting the Mexican dog and cat food markets, as it has the rest of the world. However, many pet food brands avoided increasing prices dramatically during the worst of the inflationary period earlier in 2022, Franco reported. As the year progressed, the inflation rate for producers fell to 8.5% in September 2022.

During 2022, the Mexico-based pet food companies listed below contributed to the country’s MXN 118,000 million (about US$6.065 billion) pet food market in 2022, according to an estimate by Triplethree International. These companies appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Company’s Current Data. Not all revenues were listed.

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Campi Alimentos S.A de C.V.

  • Annual revenue: US$48,660,000
  • Brands: Canpro, Canpro Max, Dyno, Dyno Power, Doncan, Campican, Campican Adulto, Campi Natural´s, Campidog, Vital Pro, Fidus, Pearls Prime Nutrition Chicken Formula, Pearls Prime Nutrition Treats, Kattos, Kattos Supreme, Zoopreme Cat, CanPro Snack, Nuggetz

Grupo Nu3

  • Brands: Natural Gourmet, Back to Nature, Carne Fresca, Clasico, Nutrescan, Nutrescan Natural, SuperCan, Noble, Kisha, Best Friend

Malta Texo de (maltaCleyton)

  • Annual revenue: US$30,000,000
  • Brands: Ganador, Top Choice, Poder Canino, Minino, Minino Plus, maltaCleyton (Dog Choice)

Nueva Tecnología en Alimentación 

  • Annual revenue: US$30,000,000
  • Brands: Nupec and Matisse


  • Brands: Animal Planet, Law House, Cat mix, Dog mix, Dog's Menu, Firulais, Fortuny, Nutrack, Nutradog, Nutrience, Nutriva, Nutrum, Little tastes, Trainer´s Choice
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