PetPlate launches metaverse site promoting dog food, supplements

The virtual dog park game involves finding PetPlate products to give to computer-generated dogs in order to win prizes.

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Metaverse Dog Park
courtesy PetPlate

Human-grade dog food brand PetPlate introduced a metaverse site, PetPlate Park, to coincide with the launch of two new varieties of supplement. 

PetPlate’s virtual reality site resembles a dog park and aims to develop culture and community among pets and pet parents. The virtual dog park game involves finding PetPlate products to give to computer-generated dogs to win prizes both electronic and physical.

The metaverse is an evolution of the internet meant to create a fully immersive digital environment. The metaverse involves a collective virtual shared space that allows people to interact with each other and with digital objects and environments in real time, as if they were in a physical space. In this digital world, users can create avatars, buy and sell virtual goods and services, attend virtual events, play games, socialize and work.

PetPlate collaborated with metaverse studio Cominted Labs to create the virtual dog park. PetPlate executives intend to target two core customers, the gaming and pet communities, with the metaverse site. In PetPlate Park, players will need to find each dog hiding in the park and match their needs to a PetPlate product within the park. Prizes include PetPlate branded wearables, NFT collectibles of your own dog and discounted products.

Marketing pet products in the metaverse

Along with the launch of the metaverse site, PetPlate released two supplements that are human-grade, vet nutritionist-designed and USDA organic.

  • ‘Chill Out’ soft chews - calming supplements made with ashwagandha and L-theanine to promote relaxation with peanut butter carob flavor
  • ‘Up to Fluff’ soft chews - skin and coat supplements made with biotin and salmon oil to support coat-health with carrot cake and cranberry flavor

“We realized two main pain points for our customers are needing relaxation support and coat support, so we knew this was the right direction to go for our next set of products…,” Renaldo Webb, founder and chief product officer of PetPlate, said in a press release.

“As one of the first virtual pet games in Decentraland, it's been incredible to see the amount of interest we've received from pet lovers across the globe,” Guillaume Chichmanov, founder of Cominted Labs, said in a press release. “PetPlate has the same nerdy-cool, fun, forward-thinking ethos we have with Petaverse, so we knew this collaboration would result in a game both of our audiences would enjoy.” 

Decentraland is a virtual world platform powered by blockchain technology. It allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications in a decentralized, community-driven virtual reality environment. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, using a combination of smart contracts and cryptographic tokens to enable ownership and control of virtual land, as well as digital assets and experiences. Users can explore, interact, and socialize with other users, create and customize their own 3D virtual spaces, and even trade virtual assets and services using MANA, the native cryptocurrency of Decentraland. The project aims to provide ownership, creativity and value in the virtual world, empowering users to build their own decentralized applications and economies.

PetPlate was founded in 2016 and sells cooked entrées, organic treats and supplements. Each recipe is formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and prepped in USDA-approved kitchens. PetPlate has delivered over 20 million meals across the country through its online subscription service and select independent pet retailers. 

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