Top 10 pet food trends, market-focused blogs of 2016

In 2016 blogs about international markets, retail sales channels and consumer demand trends received the most page views from Petfood Industry readers.

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photo by KTZ | BigStockPhoto

Some of the most popular blogs in 2016 dealt with trends in international markets, retail sales and consumer demands.

1. Global pet food trends: sales and volume rose 4% in 2015

The pet food market saw overall positive news last week, delivered during two webinars.

2. 9 pet food trends to look for at Global Pet Expo

Given its size, status and annual calendar positioning, many pet food and pet product companies use the show to launch their latest product lines and offerings.

3. US pet food retail scene: changing channels?

The majority of pet food and other pet products in the US is sold in two broad retail channels: pet specialty and mass market.

4. Top 5 pet food trends from Petfood Forum 2016

Petfood Forum 2016 concluded on April 20 with about 2,500 pet food professionals from around the world participating in two-and-a-half days of networking, learning at conference sessions and visiting with leading industry suppliers in the exhibit hall.

5. Southeast Asia pet food market shows strong growth

Asian pet food markets posted the highest growth rates in 2015, ranging from about 10% for China and the Philippines, to nearly 14% for Thailand and Indonesia, up to over 25% for India.

6. Interzoo 2016 pet food trends: meat, meat and more meat

If there was any doubt that the high-meat pet food trend had gone global, Interzoo 2016 quickly dispelled that uncertainty.

7. Homemade dog food – is it really that hard?

The evolution of the pet food industry is fascinating to watch. The move by consumers from economy to premium foods has been well-documented.

8. Pet food trends report from Global Pet Expo

I attend Global Pet Expo every year with two clear goals: watch for pet food trends and talk to professionals from pet food companies and brands.

9. The case for pet food class action lawsuits

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the recent trend of US consumers filing class action lawsuits against pet food companies.

10. Mexican pet food market on the rise

Pet food sales in Mexico increased 13.7% in 2015 to MXN42.6 billion (US$2.28 billion), rebounding from the effects of a value-added tax of 16% enacted by the Mexican government in 2014.

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