Industry pro beliefs differ from pet food buyer demands

A survey quizzed Petfood Forum 2019 registrants on consumer trends among dog and cat owners. Their responses didn’t always match pet owners’ answers.

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A survey quizzed Petfood Forum 2019 registrants on their knowledge of consumer trends among dog and cat owners. Pet food industry professionals’ responses to the quiz differed from consumers’ answers to similar questions posed by market researchers.

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While some registrants may have answered off the top of their heads, others may have found the responses in news, blogs and features on Petfood Industry. More than 1,300 individuals participated in the pet food trends quiz.

Results of pet food trends survey

Q1: What is the #1 pet food ingredient consumers DON’T want?

The first question asked which pet food ingredient was the one that dog, cat and other pet owners don’t want in the products they buy. The answer could be found in “Infographic: 6 pet food ingredients consumers don’t want.” Professionals’ and pet owners’ responses to this question varied dramatically.

People increasingly don’t want specific classes of ingredients in their pets’ meals, said James Restivo, director of client development at market research group Nielsen, during the opening session of Petfood Innovation Workshop 2018. To avoid these substances, pet food buyers now look for “free-from” claims on the products they buy.

Consumers told Nielsen that they do not want genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their dog, cat and other pet foods more than any other type of ingredient. At 28.8%, GMO was the top response, with filler at 4.3% and artificial colors at 3.9%

In Petfood Industry’s quiz, responses differed from those of pet owners in Nielsen’s surveys. Petfood Forum 2019 registrants selected filler as the top ingredient that consumers do not want with 42% of respondents selecting that. GMO came in second with 33%, followed by artificial colors at 25%.

Pff Survey Ingredient Unwanted

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