How pet food companies can succeed in social media

Authenticity and diligence are key in a social media strategy in order to grab the attention of pet food customers online.

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Having a strong social media presence is a must in today’s online marketing landscape. (supersizer |
Having a strong social media presence is a must in today’s online marketing landscape. (supersizer |

Petfood Industry asked Gary Rubin, co-owner and chief operating officer for TOP’s Parrot Food, how his company handles their evolving social media presence, and how a solid social media plan can benefit any pet food company.

“Looking to grow its brand and get closer with its end-user customers, TOP's Parrot Food has utilized a social media strategy of partnering with influential parrot voices with a goal of educating the audience on its products,” said Rubin.

The result has been a significant brand lift for TOP's and a healthy influx of new customers into its pipeline.

“We have created several branded products with our influencer partners that have increased sales and brought increased recognition to our brand from a worldwide audience,” said Rubin. “We definitely recommend social media as an avenue for pet food brands to educate their customers, and that companies establish strategies and goals at the outset so you can tell if the initiatives are successful.”

Rubin said he also recommends finding the right partners who share philosophies and align with the company's brand.

“Customers can tell if there's a disconnect between an influencer and a brand and if the relationship is forced,” he said. “Authenticity is everything. Finding an influencer who has similar beliefs and who is excited to work with you is vital.”

5 tips for social media success

1) Be present. Social media takes daily effort and engagement. TOP's answers questions from customers that come in on all of its social channels and regularly posts educational and entertaining content.

2) Be authentic. Find partners who align with your beliefs and brand. Always be truthful and never deceptive with the audience.

3) Develop a strategy and objectives. Have a plan for what you want to accomplish on social media and what success looks like for your company.

4) Think about the audience. Post content that has value for the reader and that is not just promotional.

5) Measure everything. TOP's monitors its social media performance and tracks customer engagement, post metrics and which types of content performs the best.


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