U.S. pet owners spend over $2B on Valentine's gifts for pets

February 14 is another chance for American pet parents to express their love to their companion animals.

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In the U.S., pet owners will spend $2.14 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets.
In the U.S., pet owners will spend $2.14 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets.
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To pet parents in the U.S., Valentine’s Day is another chance for them to shower their pets with excessive love. According to Capital One Shopping Research, this Valentine’s Day, Americans are expected to spend about $2.14 billion on their loyal pet companions.

For many, their dog is the “love of their lives” and Valentine’s Day gives them the license to shower them with treats, gifts, toys, healthy food picnics, decorations around their homes (and dog houses) plus outfits covered in hearts, pillows embroidered with hugs and kisses, play dates with friends and that oh-so-special 1:1 time just for them. 

A 2024 TrustedHousesitters survey found that over half (58%) of pet parents prefer to snuggle up on the sofa with their pooch than their partner, showing that pets really are the top dogs when it comes to love. "Pets are very in tune with their pet parents’ emotions," said Anna de Souza, consumer expert. "So they’re sure to feel the love from the actions and little things that happen on this day." 

Today’s most popular gifts include heart-covered knitwear, scarves, tiaras, plush toys, cozy ‘human dog beds,’ and, of course, healthy treats. According to Freshpet, 78% of their buyers show their love for their pet through food. If one of the myriad heart-shaped treats on today's market is too simple (see the sample list below), check out the new TrustedHousesitters cookbook, Dine With Your Dog - Trusted Treats & Recipes, which will help you cook a dog- and human-friendly meal for the special day.

"With pet parents feeling guilty about leaving their beloved pets at home, we decided it was time to rewrite the cookbook and create something that owners and pets alike can enjoy this Valentine's Day," said Angela Laws, head of community at TrustedHousesitters.

Valentine's Day-inspired treats

Freshpet V Day Infographic

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