11 Asian pet food companies with over US$100 million in 2023

The majority of these companies were based in Japan.

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The Asia-Pacific regions’ pet food production grew 2.41% in 2023, continuing a trend driven by increased pet ownership and urbanization in the region. With that growth, 11 pet food companies in Asia had annual revenues of more than US$100 million in 2023, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies database. The majority of these companies, seven, were based in Japan.

1. Unicharm Corp.

  • Japan
  • US$920 million
  • Unicharm's pet care subsidiary has long dominated the Japanese market. Since taking a majority stake in Hartz in 2011, the global firm has continued to extend its reach in Asia, the U.S. and emerging markets.

2. Inaba Petfood

  • Japan
  • US$871 million
  • Inaba Petfood has a manufacturing plant in Japan and operates a subsidiary company, Qingdao Food, with its own factory in China. Inaba Foods (USA) sells the brands' foods and treats widely in the United States.

3. Perfect Companion Group Co.

  • Thailand
  • US$674 million
  • Perfect Companion is the sole pet food company owned by Thailand's Charoen Pokphand Group. The company says it was the first pet food manufacturer in Thailand to earn ISO 9002 certification.

4. Jeil Feed

  • South Korea
  • US$535 million
  • Jeil Feed produces 1.4 million metric tons of animal feed per year, with a focus on dog food in the pet food market. The company belongs to the Harim Group, a South Korean poultry producer.

5. i-Tail Corporation

  • Thailand
  • US$424.90 million
  • Thai Union Group Public Company Limited is a global seafood producer with additional operations in pet food. Subsidiary i-Tail manufactures and exports canned tuna and pet food; subsidiary U.S. Pet Nutrition LLC manufactures and distributes premium pet food. Thai Union Group also holds 25% ownership of Lucky Union Foods Co. Ltd.

6. Petline Ltd.  

  • Japan
  • US$190 million
  • Petline is owned by Nosan, wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corp. Petline says it was the first company to produce dry cat food in Japan, starting in 1972. Petline products cover standard pet food to veterinary diets for both cats and dogs.

7. MG Group

  • Japan
  • US$187 million
  • MG Group, formerly Marukan Group, owns two large pet food divisions, Marukan and Sunrise. Marukan manufactures a large collection of supplies for a full range of pets, including a line of dog and cat treats and food for small mammals.

8. DoggyMan H.A. Co., Ltd.

  • Japan
  • US$162.16 million
  • DoggyMan is a Japanese manufacturer of pet food and supplies. DoggyMan owns DoggyFoods, which specializes in production of human-grade dog food at two manufacturing facilities in Japan. 

9. Maruha Nichiro Corporation

  • Japan
  • US$135 million
  • Maruha Nichiro Corporation is a Tokyo-based enterprise with about 160 subsidiaries and affiliates in the marine products, food processing, chemical foods, overseas joint ventures, fish breeding and livestock feedstuffs arenas.

10. Lider Petfood

  • Turkey
  • US$122.50 million
  • Lider Petfood was established in 2009 in Salihl. Its production capacity is 220,000 metric tons per year. The company operates two different manufacturing facilities in the same industrial zone. 

11. Nippon Pet Food Co.

  • Japan
  • US$105 million
  • Nippon Pet Food is a privately owned, Tokyo-based pet food maker, currently concentrating on the Japanese, Asian and Southeast Asian markets. Nippon's original product for fish remains a staple of the business, even as the company has branched into food products for dogs, cats, birds and small animals.
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