15 European pet food companies made over US$200 million in 2023

The pet food industry was born in Europe and continued to innovate in 2023.

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The pet food industry was born in Europe and continued to innovate in 2023. Although an American entrepreneur, James Spratt, is credited with creating the first commercial dry dog food, he made that primal pet product in London, England. The European pet food industry’s history dates to the mid-19th century when Spratt introduced his Spratt’s Patent Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes. Modern European pet owners continue that long heritage and are among the first adopters of novel ingredients like insect protein and the most fervent advocates for ecological and social awareness by brands. Spratt’s may have been the first to meet European pet owners’ demands for pet nutrition, but the top brands in European pet food have changed over the centuries. According to Petfood Industry's Top Pet Food Companies, these 15 Europe-based pet food companies had more than US$200 million in annual revenues in 2023.

1. United Petfood - Belgium - US$1,300 million

2. Partner in Pet Food – Hungary - US$856 million

3. Agrolimen SA – Spain - US$845 million

4. Heristo AG – Germany - US$770 million

5. Deuerer - Germany - US$750 million

6.  Vafo Group - Czech Republic - US$540 million

7. Affinity Petcare SA – Spain - US$520 million

8. Monge & C. S.p.A. - Italy - US$500 million

9. C & D Foods – Ireland - US$495 million

10. Farmina Pet Foods – Italy - US$427 million

11. Versele-Laga NV – Belgium - US$302 million

12. Group Depre - Belgium - US$250 million

13. Inspired Pet Nutrition - United Kingdom - US$218.65

14. Rondo Food – Germany - US$218 million

15. GA Pet Food Partners - United Kingdom - US$214 million

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