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Americans spend more money on pets than children

Americans are spending more money on their pets than their children, according to a blog on The Telegraph's (UK) website.

The pet market, which includes petfood as well as accessories and toys, is growing and outstripping the children's toy market, particularly around the holidays. The Internet is the prime place for pet gift shoppers, who focus on everything from toys to treats to the occasional seasonal dog or cat outfit. "Many people use Christmas as an excuse to buy a new accessory for their pet, such as a collar, a lead, a food bowl or a basket," said veterinarian Pete Wedderburn. "These are products that need to be bought at some stage in any case, but it is more enjoyable to make a ceremony of the purchase by making it part of the Christmas ritual."

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis provides specific information on what US consumer spend on their pets versus their children (and other expense categories).

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