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Natural Balance adds Platefulls cat pouches to petfood offerings

Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. announced that the company will add Platefulls cat pouches to its petfood offerings in May.

The Platefulls pouches come in eight, grain-free formulas, including four indoor varieties and four regular formulas. The following formulas will be offered in 3-ounce pouches: Turkey, Chicken & Duck in Gravy; Cod, Chicken, Sole & Shrimp in Gravy; Chicken & Salmon in Gravy; Chicken & Giblets in Gravy; Indoor Turkey & Salmon in Gravy; Indoor Mackerel & Sardine in Gravy; Indoor Chicken & Chicken Liver in Gravy; and Indoor Salmon, Tuna, Chicken & Shrimp in Gravy. The company says its cat pouches do not contain corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors or colors, and the pouches combine proteins, like duck, salmon, mackerel and turkey, with canola oil, biotin and flaxseed for a healthier skin and coat.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Platefulls to our growing cat product line, which gives our customers more variety when choosing wet formulas,” said Heather Govea, senior vice president of independent sales and corporate marketing at Natural Balance. “Full of flavor and loaded with vegetables, these new grain-free varieties are the perfect healthy meal."

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