The Honest Kitchen introduced its "Recipe Wheel," designed to aid consumers in selecting a petfood from among its six most popular recipes.

The Recipie Wheel allows customers to choose from among several pet needs, including life stage, health needs, allergies or activity level, in one window, and displays a set of recommended recipes in the facing window. The Recipe Wheel is being rolled out to stores, veterinarians and distributors of The Honest Kitchen’s petfood lines in May. It is designed to be attached directly to the company’s display rack or other store shelving.

“Our line has expanded considerably in the past couple of years, and we began to see that the total range of options had become overwhelming for some - especially newcomers to the line,” said Lucy Postins, The Honest Kitchen’s founder and chief executive. “We don’t ‘pigeonhole’ our recipes by life stage like many conventional manufacturers, but rather encourage pet owners to select a food based on their individual animal’s unique requirements. However, that can become an intimidating process for consumers, so we really wanted to create this piece as a simple-to-use tool, to help them narrow down the choices.”