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New all-natural dog food company ships petfood nationwide in US

A new petfood company, DooD, recently entered into the pet industry with its all-natural dog food shipped right to the pet owner's home.

Dood petfood, a combination of the words "dog" and "food," was formed by Alireza Niroomand and brother-in-law, Andrea Carrano, after struggling with managing the stomach and health issues of their own dogs.

According to DooD, the food contains high-quality ingredients, including 85% lean ground turkey, 85% lean ground beef, all-natural chicken, whole grain brown rice and vegetables. The petfood company creates a custom diet for the dog, calculating its daily caloric intake by taking into consideration weight, breed and age.

DooD is available online, and can be hand delivered in both New York City, New York, USA, and Los Angeles, California, USA, but can also be shipped nationwide.

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