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Rising dog ownership in India driving demand for petfood, accessories

Dog ownership in India is rising, according to Euromonitor International, which projects India as the fastest growing global pet market, and rising pet ownership rates are driving demand for petfood, health products and pet accessories.

The Times of India says Gurgaon, India, has a ratio of one dog per 15 people in the city.

Tanmay Sharma, owner of Pets Pash, said: "When we say 'pet,' the first thing that comes to mind is a dog. The most important reason why people prefer a dog is that after a long, tiring and stressful day, one can relax and enjoy with their pet."

Rana Atheya, co-owner of e-commerce dog product site, said that as the status of pets is elevated in India, demand for pet care is also expected to become more sophisticated, with Indian consumers purchasing more premium petfoods and specialty products as they gain a better understanding of their pet's nutritional needs. According to Atheya, research reports indicate that Indian consumers have been slow to embrace feeding commercial petfoods in the past, opting for homemade foods instead, but their preferences are changing with the trend of pet humanization in India.

Veterinarian Dr. Ashok Kumar, who runs a clinic and pet supply shop in Guragon, says that although the Indian pet product market supply and demand is not balanced, causing an inconsistent supply of pet products, competition within the market has increased, subsequently leading to improved practices.

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