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Royal Canin launches feline spay/neuter Facebook campaign

Petfood manufacturer Royal Canin launched a new feline spay/neuter campaign that rewards cat owners with free petfood for sharing a Facebook infographic.

The “You Share, We Give” campaign began to celebrate the launch of the company’s new Spayed/Neutered cat food formulas. In addition to canned formulas, the Spayed/Neutered cat diets also include four dry formulas: Kitten, Appetite Control, Appetite Control 7+ and Spayed/Neutered 12+.

Facebook users who share Royal Canin's Facebook infographic with another Facebook user will receive a downloadable coupon good for a free sample of the Spayed/Neutered canned formula, with up to 25,000 cans total given away. The company will also donate US$25,000 to the American Humane Association in support of feline health research.

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