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Motion Industries releases new, online energy savings video

Motion Industries, a distributor of industrial maintenance, repair and operation replacement parts to the pet industry, released its first video for 2013 on its “MiHow2” channel, the product/application solutions series. Power and automation technologies provider ABB-Baldor is the featured Motion Industries supplier in the latest video release entitled, How to Save Energy by Controlling Water Flow & Water Pressure.

The instructive video series’ goal is to share practical industrial applications that viewers can adapt in their own facilities. Each MiHow2 video was filmed in a workshop setting, featuring Motion Industries' host with a guest from an industrial manufacturer demonstrating a product or application.

Energy savings is and will continue to be a hot topic for industry,” said Randy Breaux, Motion Industries’ senior vice president of marketing, product management and strategic planning. “More and more facilities are becoming serious about energy efficiency and finding different ways to save money in their operations. We were thrilled to have experts from ABB-Baldor demonstrate how using a variable frequency drive can result in a lot of real dollar savings.”

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