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Vets Plus invests in production equipment for jerky pet treats

Vets Plus Inc., a maker of pet supplements, invested US$0.5 million to add new production equipment for cold and heat-extruded jerky for pets. In addition, the company sent several research and production staff members for specialized training to create custom jerky and treats for its customers.

According to the company's CEO and president, Raj Lall: "We can custom formulate any nutraceutical supplement, and now we are able to produce those supplements in another form: jerky for dogs. We are focusing on making dental treats and branching into that rapidly growing market, but a whole host of other natural compounds can be added to jerky to address other nutritional concerns."

The new equipment is housed in a 30,000-square-foot space in western Wisconsin, USA. Lall said the product will be available for contract manufacturing. "Private labeling is our backbone," he said. "We look forward to developing unique jerky products manufactured and packaged to fit the needs of our partners." Full-scale production of jerky is expected to begin in November.

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