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Pet-Friendly House project will showcase products, services of companies involved

A new marketing opportunity involving building a pet-friendly home is showcasing the products and services of companies involved in all stages of the project in the for free.

The Pet-Friendly House project covers the design, construction and decorating of a home for a family of four and their pets. The project aims to address all possible scenarios pet owners face, such as scratched flooring, stained furniture, ruined carpets, lawn, hair and dander issues, storage solutions and more. Companies can participate in the "dog treat" category for free by donating a product that can be added to the home and a few items for giveaways.

The interactive project has step-by-step instructions showing how to add "doggie doors," containment systems, flooring, roofing and more. The house will also feature a special room customized for dogs. All aspects of building the home will be documented and shared, along with decoration ideas. Once completed, the house will be put to the test with dogs to show demonstrate the products used.

Open houses of this pet-friendly home, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada will be held for public viewing.

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