Vestkorn Milling AS, a pet food ingredient company based in Tau, Norway, offers a grain-free, cold-water swelling pea starch for use in pet food.

Vestkorn Milling uses sustainable pulses in a dry milling process to manufacture Vestkorn ColdGel PS70. This palatable and digestible raw material is recommended for use in grain-free pet foods, including treats and cold pressed kibble, at up to 30 percent inclusion level.

Based on its high-water binding capability (4.5 x its own weight), ColdGel PS70 aids finished product texture and is also a good source of non-cereal carbohydrates, protein and minerals.

Pet food ingredient trends and binders

Vestkorn Milling has reported that the pet food market is experiencing growth in the segment of cold-pressed dry pet food, grain-free products, snacks and treats. Cold-pressed dry pet food is manufactured using relatively low temperature to produce easily digestible, nutritious and palatable products.

Ingredient suppliers offer binders that keep up with these industry trends. For example, gelatin has been proposed as a binder option for high-meat pet foods. Adding more meat means adding less plant-based ingredients and the starch they contain, but starch helps the kibble form properly and not be brittle. Pet food formulators may be able to make up for that lost starch with gelatin.

“Companies interested in producing ultra-high protein diets might want to explore its use for improving kibble durability and the visual quality of these foods for their customers,” study co-author Greg Aldrich, PhD, of KSU’s department of grain science told Petfood Industry.

Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 is an alternative to gelatin that offers similar benefits as a plant-based ingredient. The product is manufactured using international food safety and quality management standards, including ISO2200 and GMP+.