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on May 16, 2018

Petcurean hosts contest for overlooked shelter dogs

The Uplift the Underdogs Contest will award one shelter dog a lifetime supply of dog food.

Petcurean, a premium pet food manufacturer, announced its “Uplift the Underdogs Contest,” an online contest open to all rescue groups and animal shelters located in Seattle and Portland, and their surrounding areas. 

Open May 15–June 1, 2018, the contest will help increase adoption consideration for “underdogs” — dogs who are traditionally less likely to get adopted due to age, appearance or other issues. The contest is designed to help underdogs find the loving homes they deserve by inspiring people to see beyond these dogs’ so-called imperfections.

In 2017, the Seattle Humane Society and Oregon Humane Society rescued nearly 13,000 dogs. While some dogs get adopted quickly, others have a much harder time finding their forever home.

The Uplift the Underdogs contest intends to shine a light on dogs that were rescued but haven’t been adopted and still need homes. Rescue organizations are encouraged to submit details about their most deserving dogs for the chance to win a lifetime supply of Petcurean’s GO! Solutions food for the winning dog and a 500 lb. donation of pet food to the shelter or rescue group.

After completing the online application form, two finalists from each city will move to the next round, along with four finalists from Canada. During this round, consumers will vote for their favorite dog through Petcurean’s Facebook and Instagram. The dog that receives the most comments and likes over one week will be awarded the grand prize. The winner will be announced on June 18, 2018.

Prizing details

Grand prize:

  • Lifetime supply of Petcurean’s GO! Solutions dog food
  • Feature in a Petcurean marketing campaign
  • Promotion on Petcurean’s website and social channels
  • Free make-over grooming service
  • 500 lb. donation of Petcurean pet food to the winning dog’s shelter/rescue group
  • A Petcurean gift basket filled with supplies, toys and more

All finalists:

  • 1-year supply of Petcurean’s GO! Solutions dog food
  • Free make-over grooming service
  • 500 lb. donation of Petcurean pet food to the winning dog’s shelter
  • A Petcurean gift basket filled with supplies, toys and more

Freshpet pet food company hosts similar campaign for shelter dogs

Freshpet Inc., a US premium pet food company, launched its ‘Fresh Start’ movement in April 2018, a month before Petcurean’s contest began. The Fresh Start movement is a platform that also aims to spotlight overlooked shelter animals who deserve a fresh start in life. The program will allow consumers the opportunity to help dogs (and cats) find their forever homes with the click of a button.

To kick-start the program, Freshpet launched a microsite that invites pet lovers to make a difference in the lives of dogs and cats looking to be adopted. For its first Fresh Start project, Freshpet is aiming to help Animal Alliance of New Jersey build a rehabilitation wing to foster animal development, providing dogs and cats the attention they need to jumpstart the next stage of their lives.

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