Pet Food Press Releases

New report on pet care retailing from Euromonitor

Retailing is undergoing a substantial transformation as consumers become increasingly savvy. With a new set of digital tools for product research and price comparison, brand and channel loyalty has diminished. Euromonitor International’s new report extract, “Successful Strategies for Pet Care Retailing,” looks at successful strategies and the new dynamic of online/offline commerce in the pet care retailing landscape.

Where do pet owners shop? Shopping habits vary by geography and pet type.

  • In developed regions like North America and Western Europe, established retail markets allow for convenient, one-stop shopping trips in which all items can picked up in a single place.
  • Cat food is prevalent in grocery retailers, while dog food – which is further along the continuum of pet humanization – has a larger share at pet shops and superstores.

Retail strategies to compete in-store:

  • Focus on product assortment. Curated offerings in a well-designed store format can target particular shoppers; for example, creating an upscale retail environment that features a curated set of natural, ethically-sourced, premium and functional pet foods.
  • Integrate pet services. Adding services in store, from veterinary clinics to grooming and day care, can help drive foot traffic and attract repeat customers.

Retail strategies driving sales online:

  • Subscription shopping is the future. Recurring pet food orders through online subscriptions provides the ultimate convenience. The potential for significant savings and customized food plans stand to reshape how consumers buy pet food over the next decade.
  • Customization will reshape the market. Products designed and built specifically for a particular pet’s needs represent a new era of customized care.

For further insights, download Euromonitor’s report extract.