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Higgins launches new packaging with colors sourced from nature

The Higgins Group Corp., aka Higgins Premium Pet Foods, has redesigned its inTune, Vita Seed, Sunburst, and Safflower Gold brands of companion bird and small animal foods with larger product windows, clearer benefits messaging, and a graphic emphasizing the food’s naturally sourced colors. The graphic states “Colors Sourced From Seeds, Spices & Vegetables,” assuring pet parents that no artificial colors were used in the product. This was designed to better define the brand identity in response to increasing pet food trends to move away from artificial, chemical dyes and ingredients in pet foods.

First in the redesigned packaging, launched in October, is inTune Complete and Balanced Diet, Higgins’ brand of extruded morsels for companion birds. inTune is natural and completely free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The contemporary new packaging uses warm colors and a large, clear product window to appeal to pet parents looking for a natural bird food with colors and fun shapes. Instead of using chemical dyes, inTune is made with colors sourced from natural ingredients including turmeric root for yellow, annatto seeds for orange, alfalfa for green and beet juice for red. The redesigned packages also highlight product attributes like no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, and protected probiotics.

“Today’s pet parents are highly informed about nutrition and want to make the healthiest choices for their pets. Our commitment is to develop and maintain relationships with pet parents based on trust, by formulating foods centered around the health and wellbeing of their pets,” says Dean Reyes, Director of Marketing and Sales for Higgins.

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