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Guardian Pet Food launches highly digestible canine food bar

Guardian Pet Food Company has launched an innovative pet food in a highly digestible, convenient and portable bar. Guardian’s MoRE Canine Food Bar (a play off of “Meal Ready to Eat”) is a 100% complete and balanced day’s worth of nutrition in a 2oz freeze-dried bar.

“We are very excited to be distributing Guardian in our East Coast markets,” said Antoine Seailles, Market Strategy Manager at Pet Food Experts. “Guardian’s MoRE bars are a unique product, that gives pet parents the ability to feed raw “on the go.” This partnership gives our independent retailers a new option for active, raw feeding pet parents."

Independent third-party labs confirmed in vivo digestibility of greater than 90% (compared to industry average of just below 80%) as well as a nutrient dense 6,100 kcal/kg (industry average 3,500 for kibble and averaging less than 1,300 for “freshly prepared” meals). “We created our MoRE Bars using only ingredients from nature so it could be easily digested by dogs and cats,” said Dr. Ryan Yamka, co-founder and COO. “With targeted nutrition, dogs and cats will eat less and, in turn, put less out as waste.” Less waste is the genesis behind Guardian’s “Give us a week and we’ll give you back your yard!” campaign.

“We set out to create a different kind of pet food and to be a different kind of pet food company,” said co-founder and CEO Jim Galovski. “We focus on nutrition, not ingredients. We make products that address pet owner concerns like obesity, digestibility and convenience. Through our partnership with TerraCycle and B-Corp, we’re also taking on broader industry issues like sustainability and transparency.”

Guardian’s MoRE Canine Food Bars have an SRP of $4.99/2 oz. Bar. The company’s Whole Prey Treats for Dogs, a freeze-dried multi-component treat (available in Beef, Chicken and Turkey flavors) has an SRP of $8.99 for a 2oz pouch. Guardian’s products are distributed through Pet Food Experts and sold at independent pet specialty stores and on Guardian’s website (

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