Pet Food Press Releases

Freshpet receives Pets and Supplies Supplier of the Year Award

Freshpet, Inc. the leader in fresh, real food for pets, announced March 4 that it has been awarded the Pets and Supplies Supplier of the Year Award 2019 by Walmart. In addition to winning in the Pets category, Freshpet also came in top five in the overall Consumables category.

Freshpet creates fresh and preservative-free pet food that must be refrigerated. All Freshpet meals start with 100% natural whole ingredients and are made fresh daily in the USA. The company uses only farm raised poultry and beef and never any meat meals, by-products or preservatives.

Freshpet's small and dedicated Walmart teams' innovative approach to partnership, collaboration and overall business focus gained the attention of Walmart as a leader in the industry. The environmentally conscious brand aims to build on recent growth and momentum to continue to re-shape the way pet parents think about their pets' food one meal at a time. Most recently, Freshpet released its first ever line of USDA-certified, Human Grade pet food, called Homestyle Creations.

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