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JustFoodForDogs to give away calming supplement ahead of Fourth of July

JustFoodForDogs announced that it will be giving away more than 100,000 samples of its all-natural Calm supplement ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. The free samples will be available at JustFoodForDogs kitchens and pantries, all Pet Food Express locations and select Petco stores starting June 15.

More dogs run away from home on the Fourth of July than any other time of the year due to the anxiety caused by holiday festivities, while others can be found scared and trembling at with fear at home. Sudden loud noises such as fireworks, a Fourth of July celebratory staple, can trigger dogs’ keen sense of sound which can cause or exacerbate physiological, behavioral, and emotional reactions, particularly when coupled with separation anxiety if the owner is celebrating elsewhere.

“If there was ever a day for preventative care when it comes to our beloved dogs, Fourth of July is it,” said Dr. Oscar E. Chavez, Chief Medical Officer of JustFoodForDogs. “Our Calm supplement is a balanced fusion of valerian root and passion flower that works to naturally enhance and increase the function of GABA receptors in the brain; this helps calm the nervous system by reducing stress in situations that commonly cause tension.”

All of the company’s supplements are custom designed by JustFoodForDogs’ team of veterinarians, reviewed by their board-certified veterinary toxicologist, and are made with high grade ingredients certified for human consumption.

“Our goal is to make sure that both you and your dog have an enjoyable holiday, “said Shawn Buckley, Founder of JustFoodForDogs. “We have been giving away free Calm samples every Fourth of July for the past six years as part of our core mission of advancing the lives of as many pets as possible.”

In addition to the 90-capsule bottle of Calm which currently retails at $43.95, JustFoodForDogs will be launching a 12-capsule pack, available starting June 15 for $11.95 MSRP.

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