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Diana Pet Food and Kalsec join to create Videka


To create the best pet food options available, two leading companies, Kalsec Inc and Diana Pet Food, are coming together in a joint venture, Videka, to produce the best natural antioxidant solutions for the pet food industry. Diana Pet Food is a provider of solutions for improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction. Kalsec is the leader of naturally sourced antioxidants and rosemary extracts. 

Videka will feature palatability and in pet behavior understanding from Diana Pet Food, and oxidation management expertise with antioxidants sourced from rosemary through Kalsec. Videka will provide customized, natural solutions for pet food protection, supported by world-class research and development, sensory and analytical capabilities. 

“Kalsec, a family-owned company, is expanding through this joint venture with Diana Pet Food. Together we see companion pets and the positive role that pets play in people’s lives. We believe we can provide a better outcome for a pet’s wellbeing. Together we see an economical, clean label, plant-based antioxidant that is based on strong science and sustainability,” said Dr. Scott Nykaza, CEO, Kalsec. 

“Through this joint venture Diana Pet Food continues to answer the growing demand for safe and natural pet food. Both companies share a strong commitment to customer services with responsiveness and transparency as core values. The future of Videka will be driven by a shared culture of innovation and creativity,” said Bertrand de Launay, Diana Pet Food President.

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