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Mondi supports European Paper Bag Day

Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper company, will be planting over 3,000 trees at five of its paper mills across Europe in support of this year’s European Paper Bag Day. Initiated by the association of Europe’s leading kraft paper and paper bag producers, of which Mondi is a member, the annual action day on 18 October aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainably managed forests as a central element of the paper bag value chain. Forests are essential for people, wildlife and climate. They act as a carbon sink and store CO2, which later remains in the paper bags made from the trees.

Markus Gärtner, CEO Mondi Corrugated Packaging, is proud to be taking part in the forestation event and explained, “As wood is one of our primary raw materials, access to sustainable and responsibly managed sources is important to our business. In addition, using paper bags – a renewable and 100% recyclable solution – helps to mitigate climate change. With this campaign, we want to motivate more people to demonstrate environmental responsibility in their packaging choices by using, reusing and recycling paper bags.”

Kennert Johansson, Acting Secretary General of CEPI Eurokraft, stated, “By celebrating European Paper Bag Day 2019, we want to raise awareness of the advantages of paper carrier bags as a sustainable packaging solution that contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution. Paper bags are made from wood, a natural and ever-growing resource. Thanks to the continuous replanting of trees, Europe has had a positive net change in forest area during the last 25 years. During this period, the forest area has increased by 17.5 million hectares. This corresponds to almost half of the area of Italy.”

How to participate

All activities taking place around the action day will be communicated on Mondi’s social media channels (Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn). For more information about paper bags, Mondi`s forestation video and how to plant a little tree in 3 easy steps, please visit Mondi’s campaign microsite Everybody is invited to join in with their own activities, using the hashtag #EuropeanPaperBagDay.

  • This initiative aims to reduce the impact of climate change by encouraging the use of paper bags, given it is a renewable and recyclable solution  
  • As sustainably managed forests are a central element of the paper bag value chain, Mondi will be planting over 3,000 trees across its European mill locations
  • Everybody is invited to join the event with their own activities, using the hashtag #EuropeanPaperBagDay on 18 October

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