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Homescape Pets donates 5% of sales to pet rescue

Homescape Pets, a Colorado Springs-based health and wellness supplement company for cats and dogs, is asking pet lovers everywhere to remember their four-legged friends this holiday season. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners are expected to spend more than $75 billion this year on their pets, ranging from food, supplements, supplies, toys, and other products and services. Also, the Association estimates sales will reach $16.44 billion for over the counter pet remedies and other services.

Since its launch in 2017, Homescape Pets’ primary mission is to serve as a positive force in advocating for and providing natural alternatives for the health and wellness of our four-legged friends everywhere.

“With the upcoming holidays, we’re committed to doing our part, as a company and as dog owners, to give back. That's why on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, we're offering 20% off our entire line of products," said Nana Pfeifer, Co-Founder of Homescape Pets. 

From November 28 through December 2, 2019, Homescape Pets will also donate 5% of all proceeds from sales to Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Pet Rescue in Austin, Texas.

“Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue is near and dear to our hearts, as they focus exclusively on those abandoned, forgotten, and abused pets who have no one to speak on their behalf. Our first pup, Beau, was both abused and abandoned. No pet deserves that sort of life. Through Forgotten Friends, we’ve been able to help a number of rescue pups and their new families who’ve since become great friends of ours. We’ve seen and experienced firsthand the love these sweet animals have to offer. We want to continue to contribute and share our mission that each of us can profoundly impact the world around us in a positive way by making our pets' lives a little better and, most of all, a lot healthier," added Pfeifer.

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