Pet Food Press Releases

Pet nutrition information website launched for consumers has launched as a place for pet parents to learn more about nutrition and what their pets need to thrive. Headed by Satchmo (Mo), a Doodle, and George Collings, Ph.D., the site aims to educate pet parents all about pet nutrition and health, ingredients, pet foods and many common nutrition myths.

“As a board-certified nutritionist and food scientist, I felt like there was too much misinformation and missing information online for pet parents,” said Collings in a press release. “Too many pet nutrition websites were run by people with no background in nutrition. Mo Knows will be a fun and educational place that pet parents can trust.”

In addition to the Mo Knows website, there will also be regular video uploads on YouTube. And Mo the Doodle will also be handing out advice and information on Twitter and Instagram, all at the handle @therealmoknows.

About Mo Knows

Mo Knows is run by the team at Collings Nutrition Solutions. CNS is an independent pet nutrition and innovation company focused on bringing new products, ingredients and technologies to the pet market. Their passion for improving the lives of pets everywhere and communicating with pet parents, led to the creation of Mo Knows.

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