Even with seven years in the pet food industry, Jennifer Adolfe RD, PhD, nutrition manager with Canadian pet food company Petcurean, found value in attending the workshop held before Petfood Forum 2019. This year, the workshop evolved into a new event, Petfood Essentials: Production and Safety A to Z. This step-by-step overview of the entire pet food development and manufacturing process will occur on April 27, preceding the official start of Petfood Forum 2020.

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April 27 – 29, 2020

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

“The workshop is always great to attend,” Adolphe said (see video below).  “The hands-on aspect of it is what I really like. I like learning about what different ingredients supplier companies are doing…

“There's always some a-ha [moments].

“It's a really great networking opportunity, as well,” she said. “Lots of different people from around the world are attending the workshop today.”

From the Petfood Essentials: Production and Safety A to Z website:

This new event offers an overview of two of the most essential areas of dry pet food: production and safety. Starting with ingredients, then moving to dry kibble processing to packaging and stages in between, top industry experts will help you understand the key steps and functions of each stage of product development and production – plus the all-important aspects of quality, safety and testing.

Each session will provide an interactive, informal environment for learning what you need to know about pet food production and safety. Plus, you can network with other pet food professionals and interact with leading industry suppliers offering products and services in each of the topic areas.

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