Wenger testing shows benefit of Hamlet Protein product

Testing conducted at the Wenger R&D Centre shows the benefits of using Hamlet Protein's soya protein product, HP 300, in the extrusion process.

Testing conducted at the  Wenger R&D Centre  shows the benefits of using  Hamlet Protein's soya protein product, HP 300,  in the extrusion process.

Trials in August 2009 revealed the following:

  • HP 300 showed much better organoleptic abilities than soya bean meal;
  • HP 300 was not sticky after extrusion in comparison to corn gluten meal; and
  • HP 300 used less energy than Soycomil P.

Additional trials in February concluded the following:

  • HP 300 produced shorter fibers, darker color and increased production rate;
  • HP 300 can be used as a partial or full replacement for wheat gluten in TMP;
  • HP 300 obtained optimal results with 40% chicken meat, 30% HP 300 and 30% wheat gluten; and
  • incorporating HP 300 in formulations significantly reduced costs.
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