Free pet food safety, nutrition educational video offered

A Pet Food Institute’s (PFI) video helps address consumer demand for nutritional information and ingredient transparency.

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screenshot from Pet Food Institute's website taken April 13, 2017
screenshot from Pet Food Institute's website taken April 13, 2017

The Pet Food Institute’s (PFI) “How Pet Food is Made” video may help pet food companies address consumers’ increasing demand for nutritional information and ingredient transparency. Pet food companies may embed or display the video freely. The source files are available from PFI.

“The video, and also our website, are assets for pet food [companies] to use to highlight rigor in their manufacturing process.” PFI CEO and President Cathy Enright told Petfood Industry. “We’d encourage any pet food company to share the video on their social media channels, websites, newsletters or any other public education platform.”

The video focuses on cat and dog nutrition, as well as state and federal regulatory guidelines pet food and treat companies must follow. Under this regulatory oversight, the video details that pet food and treat makers must:

  • work with reliable ingredient suppliers,
  • maintain hygienic and secure facilities,
  • conduct inspections and testing of ingredients,
  • monitor manufacturing, and
  • develop traceability assurances during packaging. 

Uses for the pet food production video

PFI’s goal for the video is quick, clear communication of their message that U.S.-made pet food is safe and nutritious. Enright suggested that pet food companies use the video with a wide range of key audiences ranging from government officials to journalists to consumers.

“We’re using it when speaking with media outlets, both reactively and proactively,” she said. “We’re using this with legislators and others who might not know what goes into making pet food.”

Enright plans to use the video at the National Council of State Legislators to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Last year at that meeting, PFI representatives spoke with approximately 600 legislators about issues related to pet food. This year, Enright plans to run the video at their booth and give out usb drives with the video.

“I think the pet food industry is in a very unique position because while talking to legislators, regulators, media or the general public, guess what they all have in common.” She said. “They all love pets.

“It’s different than if you are a steel manufacturer,” she said. “That legislator might not be that personally connected.”

Watch the PFI video

"How Pet Food is Made" can be viewed on PFI's website, or on Youtube.

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