Eurofins Scientific plans facility in Wisconsin, USA

Eurofins provides a range of life sciences services, including pet food consulting, testing and analysis.

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Eurofins Scientific plans to build a US$35 million 100,000 square foot facility in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, reported the Wisconsin State Journal. The planned laboratory may employ nearly 500 people. Eurofins provides a range of life sciences services, including pet food consulting, testing and analysis, according to the Petfood Industry Suppliers Directory.

Eurofins may buy 22.3 acres of land from the city of Madison in a business park near the regional airport, according to the report. While the purchase price for the land is US$2.1 million, Eurofins may pay less than half that sum if the company retains 375 employees for four years at the site. Economic development officials anticipate that not only will Eurofins retain those employees, the company may add approximately 100 new jobs. The city of Madison may also pay for a large portion of the extension of municipal services, including roads, to the facility.

In August, Eurofins acquired Madison-based Covance Food Solutions along with the purchase of parent company LabCorp. Covance’s Food Solutions Group will become part of Eurofins Integrity and Innovation.

Other Eurofins news in the pet food industry

In 2016, Eurofins Microbiology, opened a ISO 17025-accredited laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The microbiology laboratory, home of ExpressMicro, utilizes novel and specialized logistics to provide results. The laboratory offers testing services needed to rapidly quantify, detect or identify pathogenic, spoilage and probiotic microorganisms. Due to Louisville’s proximity to more than 60 percent of US cities, and being home to the UPS world port hub, the laboratory location helps Eurofins ExpressMicro increase logistical speed to reduce the turnaround time of results by up to eight hours.

In 2014, Eurofins Scientific acquired SF Analytical (SFA) Laboratories. The acquisition strengthened Eurofins’ presence in the US and expanded the current base of operations in the Midwestern US.

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