Polish dog food producer to launch new plant

Petmex Co., maker of natural dog chews, has obtained permission to construct a new production facility in Polanka, in Poland’s southern Malopolska region.

Photo courtesy of Petmex Co.
Photo courtesy of Petmex Co.

Polish dog food producer Petmex Co. has obtained permission to construct a new production facility in Polanka, in Poland’s southern region of Malopolska. Under the plan, the pet food producer is to invest more than PLN 7 million (U.S.$1.9million) in building its new production facility. 

“Petmex Co. manufactures natural dog chews. It was established out of love for our four-legged friends. Its main aim is to provide dog owners with healthy, natural and nutritious snacks for their pets,” the Polish company said in a statement. “Petmex is a manufacturer of diverse natural dog chews, such as smoked ears, chicken feet and beef bones.”

The manufacturer says its product range includes pig and cow ears, legs, pork strips, pork stomachs, twisted rawhide chews, beef tracheae, beef lungs, livers and rumens, as well as chicken feet and necks, among others.

Pet food company gets preferential tax treatment

By locating its new factory in a special economic zone, Petmex will benefit from preferential tax treatment for the project. Under Polish law, both domestic and foreign manufacturers that plan to launch production facilities in the Malopolska region can apply for tax breaks worth between 35% and 55% of their investments, depending on the size of their manufacturing projects. The taxes can be deducted within 12 years following the issuing of permissions to invest.

In 2017, the Polish pet food market was worth an estimated PLN 3.25 billion (U.S.$882 million), according to figures from Euromonitor International, obtained by local trade magazine Rynek Zoologiczny. The segment represents about 84% of Poland’s annual sales of pet products.

Set up in 2014 and based in Mszana Dolna in southern Poland, Petmex Co. is owned by local businessmen Krzysztof Napora and Damian Napora. Napora also serves as president of the manufacturer’s management board.

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