Veterinary event presents pet food product innovations

At Congreso Veterinario de León in central Mexico, pet food brands display their latest premium and prescription product innovations to veterinarians.

New pet foods displayed at Congreso Veterinario de León included Inaba's Churu wet cat treats, which can also serve as toppers.
New pet foods displayed at Congreso Veterinario de León included Inaba's Churu wet cat treats, which can also serve as toppers.
Courtesy of Inaba

Congreso Veterinario de León 2022 took place September 7-10 in the city of León in central Mexico. The event typically draws hundreds of pet industry producers and distributors from the country and abroad, and receives numerous visitors. This year the congress hosted 18,000 guests and showcased nearly 900 product stands.

As its name implies, the event targets veterinarians aiming to network directly with pet food producers and distributors. Therefore, most pet food brands exhibiting at the event offer premium and prescription products.

Several companies launched new products at the 2022 congress. As for pet food, the market continued innovating this year, although other pet care categories, such as accessories, are gaining momentum.

For example, Royal Canin introduced its liquid formula for dogs and cats recovering from illness or injury. The product is a substitute meal and includes hydrolyzed proteins to help maintain digestive health for pets that are convalescent or in recovery and can’t eat solids. 

More innovations in the pet treats market

Inaba, a market-leading Japanese company, introduced its flagship brand Churu, a unique wet snack made for cats and packaged in an easy-to-eat plastic tube. Churu uses human-grade ingredients and antioxidants, and is versatile in terms of occasions of consumption; for example, it can also be used as a topper for dry cat food. The company leads the cat treats category in a few countries in Latin America and is aiming to succeed in the Mexican market.

Another company at the event was Nivo Golden Rawhide, a treats manufacturer based in the city of León with a national presence. As the Mexican treats market grows by double digits, Nivo is increasing its presence in the local market. The company presented its portfolio of natural chews in several shape varieties.

Aalak Food is a dog food producer that has a license to use the Animal Planet brand. The brand is increasing its product array and has spread across Mexico, offering its products through major retailers, such as HEB, and online platforms like Amazon Mexico. Animal Planet dry food is a premium product using natural ingredients and antioxidants in its formula.  

Other large companies and brands present at the event include well-known market leaders such as ADM, Nupec and Virbac, who presented their premium veterinary pet food solutions.

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