Nutritional research on minimally processed pet food diets

While these diets have gained popularity, there is still much the industry needs to understand.

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Hiperbaric Freeze Dried Kibbles

Minimally processed pet diets such as raw, fresh, freeze-dried, air dried and gently cooked recipes have become widely popular among consumers.

Though there is growing research to investigate and support claims regarding the performance, healthfulness and safety of these minimally processed formats, more attention and resources are needed to help better understand the diets.

“As more and more consumers introduce alternative diet formats to their pet’s bowls, whether as a primary balanced component or a high value treat/topper, it is imperative that the claims and characteristics associated with these diets be supported by empirical evidence to develop trust and build confidence between manufacturers, regulators and consumers,” said James Templeman, Ph.D., companion animal nutritionist with Primal Pet Foods.

Templeman will speak at Petfood Essentials 2023, presenting findings on studies designed and conducted to validate the nutritional benefits of feeding these alternative types of complete and balanced diets.

“We are really only scraping the surface when it comes to nutrition-related research on minimally processed diets, and still have an enormous void to fill with peer-reviewed, empirical research,” said Templeman. “For example, while there have been studies reporting improved digestibility of protein and amino acids in minimally processed diets when compared to extruded diets (largely believed to be a result of the effects of heat processing on these nutrients), little has been done to examine the potential downstream effects that these differences in digestibility may have on the animal.”

Petfood Essentials and Petfood Forum

Petfood Essentials focuses on a specific area of pet food. The edition is all about alternative pet food formats and takes place on May 1.

Petfood Forum, beginning on May 2, brings together pet food professionals from around the world to network, exchange ideas and move business forward with one another and with the industry's leading pet food manufacturers and suppliers.

The in-person event delivers the opportunity to learn about pet nutrition and ingredients, global pet food market growth, pet food safety, processing, packaging and more, all from leading, recognized pet food industry experts.

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