Grupo Nupec launches premium pet food products

Grupo Nupec, a leading manufacturer of premium pet food in Mexico, launched a line of specialized dog and cat diets to address specific health conditions.

Nupec Digestive Health Cat Food
Courtesy Grupo Nupec

In 2022, Grupo Nupec, a leading manufacturer of premium pet food in Mexico, announced the launch of a new portfolio of products based on research and technology. Recently, Nupec held an event in Queretaro, Mexico, to showcase its latest product developments.

The brand launched eight new product varieties, three for cats and five for dogs. New cat varieties include formulations for digestive health, renal care and urinary management; dog food product launches include the same, plus extra-small-breed formulations for adult dogs and puppies.

All the new products concentrate on palatability and high digestibility, including functional ingredients such as yucca to reduce feces odor, prebiotics to improve digestion, fatty acids to prevent digestive tract inflammation and L-carnitine to metabolize fat. Another feature of all formulations is the inclusion of two natural preservatives, rosemary and tocopherols.

In addition, the renal care and urinary management varieties focus on reducing or controlling minerals and easing kidney stress. They are also high in calorie content to compensate for diminished appetites. 

Premium products increasingly focus on pet health

Premium pet food manufacturers like Nupec are increasingly raising awareness of pets’ well-being by including functional ingredients in their formulations, as pet health is at the center of pet owners’ attention. 

According to academic sources, the main ailments that urban dogs and cats in Latin America face during their lives include obesity, which leads to various health problems, including joint problems, heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, dental problems may provoke gum disease, tooth loss and other health issues. Digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies can manifest in several symptoms, such as dry skin, a dull coat and lethargy. Food allergies can cause symptoms such as itching, vomiting and diarrhea.

Pet disease data scarce, but opportunities in Latin America

Although there is little information on pet ailments across countries in Latin America, a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science in 2017 in Brazil found that 52% of dogs and 54% of cats were overweight or obese. Another study, published in the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry in 2019, revealed that 73.9% of dogs and 85.3% of cats in Brazil had periodontal disease.

Therefore, there are still areas for developing and launching pet food products with functional ingredients to improve pets’ lives and well-being.

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