Dog treat maker pledges 1,000 Indian stray adoptions

Dogsee Chew, an Indian dog treat manufacturer, has pledged towards getting 1,000 stray dogs adopted in India in this fiscal year.

photo by Zzvet | BigStockPhoto
photo by Zzvet | BigStockPhoto

Dogsee Chew, an Indian dog treat manufacturer, has pledged towards getting 1,000 stray dogs adopted in India in this fiscal year and aims to make India stray free by 2025.

For the adoption project, Dogsee has partnered with organizations in the pet adoption world, Bengaluru Opts To Adopt and Voice Of Stray Dogs, to spread awareness and build mechanism for people to adopt stray and abandoned shelter dogs instead of buying them.

The 2016 estimate of abandoned and stray dogs in India stands at over 30 million, with an estimated 1.5 hundred thousand in Bangalore alone. In addition to creating widespread nuisance by tearing garbage bags, spreading refuse and disrupting the quiet by howling in packs, stray dogs have also become the biggest source of spreading rabies in humans. According to the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, India alone accounts for 35 percent of rabies deaths per year.

Dogsee Chew’s CEO Bhupendra stated in a press release that the company has spent INR600,000 this year towards adopting and sterilization efforts. The budget is likely to grow as the company grows.

Yak milk cheese dog treats made by Himalayan villagers

Dogsee Chew markets their dog treats as human grade, vegetarian and natural. Their marquee brand Dogsee Chew is a yak milk based cheese treat, handcrafted in the Himalayas.

Himalayan yak’s milk cheese was made into dog treats by India-based pet food company, Khanal Foods, the makers of Dogsee Chews. The company collaborated with more than 6,000 people in India, Nepal and Bhutan to make the treats, according to a press release from Khanal. The yak milk treats are marketed as organic, vegetarian and preservative-free.

Dogsee Chew history

Dogsee Chew began in 2015 and has seen growth in a span of 18 months. Dogsee Chew was founded by pet food entrepreneur Bhupendra Khanal, who left his analytics company Simplify360 to start Dogsee Chew.

Having discovered churpi (an ancient Nepali human food made from yak milk) may be healthy for dogs while on a trek in Nepal, the pet food entrepreneur founded Dogsee Chew a couple of months later.

“The future of Dogsee looks extremely promising,” said Khanal in a press release. “We are already present in five countries, but we’re planning on expanding to many more, and also add more products to our portfolio this year. The mission of healthy food for dogs is going to go global,” comments Bhupendra, CEO Dogsee Chew.”

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