Dog food market in India grew slower in 2017 than 2016

People in India became more attached to dogs for various reasons including companionship.

A new Euromonitor report highlights the latest market trends in the dog food industry in India.

Increasing dog food adoption boosts dog food

People in India became more attached to dogs for various reasons including companionship, according to the report. This is particularly visible in cities where pet dogs are more common and where many dog lovers adopt stray dogs and puppies as their first pet companion or already own a pedigree dog but want to adopt one more.

Dog owners prefer to bulk buy and save

With hectic lifestyles, people preferred to buy in large quantities to possibly gain discounts and limit store visits. Dog owners are greatly influenced by veterinarians who suggest feeding their dogs certain types and brands of dog food because Indian consumers tend to lack knowledge about the dog diet and are sceptical about feeding just any kind of dog food.

Dry dog food remains the favorite type in India

Dog owners are affected by many factors when purchasing dog food such as storage, buying in bulk vs buying small packs, shelf life, lifecycle needs, different diets to name a few. Dry dog food emerged as a clear solution, since it can be stored in a dry place at room temperature, lasts longer than wet dog food and can be bought in bulk unlike wet dog food which tends to come in smaller packs in India.

Competitive landscape

Mars International India PVT LTD maintains lead

Mars International’s Pedigree brand is the best known among dog owners and has great brand loyalty despite many brands being available in India. The company built credibility in India by promotional activities, creating awareness of their products and advertising.

Premium dog food sales slow while dog treats sales rises

Premium dog food retail value sales grew in 2017 albeit much slower than 2016, mainly due to the underperformance of Royal Canin India Pvt Ltd which accounted for around three quarters of all premium dog food value sales. Royal Canin pet food is produced in France and imported into India, but due to a shortfall in raw materials during late 2016 and early 2017, there was a gap between supply and demand all over the world for its products during 2017.

Growth invites international players to India

Nestlé announced it would launch packaged dog food in India. Starting with premium packaged dog food the company entered India with a new entity Purina Petcare India Pvt Ltd which will operate as a subsidiary of Nestlé SA.

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