Because Animals launches first clean meat pet food

Because Animals Inc, a pet nutrition startup, announced on March 28 a breakthrough in how we feed our pets: the world's first clean meat pet food made from meat grown without the animal.

Because Animals Inc, a pet nutrition startup, announced on March 28 a breakthrough in how we feed our pets: the world’s first clean meat pet food made from meat grown without the animal. The company will debut its clean meat line of pet foods in early 2020 with a cat treat made from mice, the ancestral diet of the cat. The meat will be cultured, without slaughtering any animals.

See photos and videos of the process of making the first-ever clean meat cat treat here and see a cat’s reaction to the treats here.

Clean or cell-based meat is meat grown using biotechnology, without raising or slaughtering animals. It has the same nutritional value and composition as animal-based meat. Because Animals is the first company to use the pioneering clean- or cell-meat technology in pet food without using the controversial Fetal Bovine Serum, or FBS.

"What makes this clean meat extra special is that we've grown it without any animal ingredients,” said Dr. Shannon Falconer, Chief Executive Officer of Because Animals. â€śAt the moment, the standard in the clean meat industry is to grow tissue using serum from another animal – usually fetal bovine serum. Because Animals is changing that by creating ultra-nutritious foods that provide all the nutritional benefits of traditional animal protein but with animal-free ingredients that protect pets, people and our planet.”

FBS is controversial because it involves the inhumane practice of extracting blood from pregnant cows at slaughter. It is also difficult to scale. Startups growing clean meat for human food consumption are struggling to culture tissue – such as chicken, beef and pork – that completely omits FBS. Because Animals has developed a proprietary media that provides the nutrients and growth factors needed for mouse tissue to grow, all without the requirement of FBS.

Additionally, while clean meat is more humane for farmed animals, for pet parents the best part about Because Animals’ new clean meat is the advantage it will have for cats and dogs. Every year, the Food and Drug Administration issues pet food recalls due to chemical and bacterial contamination, many associated with factory farming and the use of meat from dead, dying, disabled or diseased (4D) animals. Clean meat provides a safe and nutritious alternative to this.

And, if safer pet food and more humane treatment of farmed animals isn’t enough, clean meat also promises to be more environmentally sustainable than current commercial pet foods. In a recent study, Gregory S. Okin at University of California Los Angeles concluded that more than a quarter of the environmental effects of factory farming are directly attributable to pet food.

Because Animals is the only pet nutrition company making products with 100% human-grade, zero factory-farmed animal ingredients. It is the mission of Because Animals and the company co-founders, Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett, to replace the unsavory ingredients found in today’s pet food – which come from cruel and environmentally damaging factory farms – with nutritious and sustainable ingredients from cultured protein and clean meat.

Prior to founding Because Animals, Dr. Falconer, mom to two rescue dogs, and Mr. Errett, dad to three rescue cats, spent over a decade volunteering in the animal rescue community. Because Animals’ current product on the market is a Probiotic & Superfood Supplement made with 100% human-grade, sustainably sourced ingredients, including hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed, and organic goodies such as blueberries, pumpkin, coconut flour, and wheatgrass. Because Animals, an e-commerce startup, was first launched in December 2016.

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