Biorigin presents solutions for animal nutrition at IPPE

Biorigin will present its natural solutions for animal nutrition at upcoming IPPE.

Biorigin believes that, by taking care of farm animals, it is taking care of consumers’ health and well-being. At IPPE, Biorigin will present its natural solutions for animal nutrition from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast as alternatives of antibiotic growth promoters, as they protect intestinal integrity and natural defenses, ensuring animal development even under challenging situations. 

The products derived from this mindful method carry an added value desired by modern consumers seeking healthier foods; natural foods, free from antibiotics and hormones used in animal products and artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors; and sustainable foods — consumers are willing to pay a higher price for environmentally friendly brands. 

Biorigin will be at the Brazilian Pavilion Booth #A808 presenting its natural ingredients for animal nutrition, health, and performance. Meet the team and learn how they support safe, quality animal nutrition, preventively protecting animal health and ensuring more sustainable animal production for the planet. 

IPPE will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from January 28 – 30. 

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