Supporting senior dogs in their final years with Zach Skow

Wishbone offers support to Camp Golden Years with food donations.

Camp Golden Years is a joint effort by Vet Friends Foundation and Marley’s Mutts to help rescue senior dogs. Camp Golden Years is focused on transitioning dogs from rescue to their forever home. Any family is welcome to adopt a senior dog from Camp Golden Years, but the mission is to help place these lovable dogs with veterans whenever possible. The Vet Friends Foundation will even cover medical costs for life when a veteran adopts. 

This is a rescue that treats senior dogs like family. Just a quick look at the Instagram account Marley’s Mutts, and Camp Golden Years, will prove the unconditional love and commitment Camp Golden Years has for senior dogs. That is why Wishbone could not resist offering our continued support to Camp Golden Years – because pets are family, even if they are a tad older. 

Wishbone is excited to announce our ongoing support each month with 1,200 pounds of premium food made with the best ingredients from New Zealand. Our all-natural artisan food is the perfect match to give these senior dogs the nutrition they need to thrive in their forever home. 

8-Superfoods for Senior Dogs in Need 

At Wishbone we care deeply about your pet’s health and appetite. That’s why we developed the most unique diet from New Zealand - because pets are family, and we think their food should taste like what we would feed our own children. 

Our dog food has increased levels of taurine to protect against DCM. We also cook our dog and cat foods in small batches at much lower temperatures than most other foods, thus retaining a maximum level of nutrients and vitamins. This is particularly good news for the senior dogs we will be supporting with our ongoing donations. 

Wishbone recipes are grain-free, gluten-free, and packed full of 8-Superfoods including: blueberries, cranberries, papaya, mango, basil, rosemary, peppermint and flaxseed.

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