Acquisition Cats Academy leads to a broad range of courses

Acquisition of Cats Academy leads to a broad range of courses.

By taking over the Cats Academy, or Katten Academie in Dutch, the Martin Gaus Academy in Lelystad, the Netherlands can now offer a broad range of cat courses. The academy is part of Prins Petfoods in Veenendaal, the Dutch family company that produces 100% natural dog and cat food and attaches great value to animal welfare and sharing knowledge.

The Cats Academy was founded by Sonja van Leeuwen, who sought affiliation with Prins to ensure the growth of professional education, and thus a better understanding of cat behaviour and guidance for cat owners, for the future. 


The Cats Academy currently offers education, seminars and refresher courses for cat behavorial therapists and cat groomers and provides information on, for example, cat-friendly houses. The academy also combines knowledge with fun by organizing meetings for cat lovers, such as a Cat Ladies High Tea.

Quality label

The combination with the Martin Gaus Quality Label and the new learning program of the Martin Gaus Academy must ensure that the knowledge of the Cats Academy remains at a high and current level and becomes even more visible to consumers. Founder Sonja van Leeuwen will continue her work for both the Cats Academy and the Martin Gaus Academy as a teacher, mentor and student advisor. 

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