Save A Pet and score free CBD

Charlotte’s Web launches its new initiative, SAVE A PET AND SCORE FREE CBD campaign.

Earlier this year, Busch Beer announced its new campaign, giving three months of free beer to those who adopted or fostered a pet during the Corona crisis. EPIC! Also, this year, pizza restaurants around the country united to showcase adoptable dogs on their pizza boxes to help pets to get adopted. Now, America’s Favorite CBD brand and market leader, Charlotte’s Web launches its new initiative, SAVE A PET AND SCORE FREE CBD campaign.

April 30th marks National Adopt A Pet Day, and Charlotte’s Web is honoring and celebrating with the release of its first of its kind and first EVER, TOTALLY FREE “Welcome to the Family” adoption box. 

Launching TODAY, “Welcome to the Family” adoption box is available to all new owners. To sign up it is simple, visit the website here, upload the pet adoption certificate and answer a few questions and voila! The box (available until May 31st) is for all new pet owners and foster parents who rescue or have rescued a shelter pet recently. It doesn’t matter how long ago you’ve adopted your pet either, just show proof and you are good to go.

This timely matter is in the news constantly with shelters across America clearing out their cages as more people are adopting and fostering pets in the wake of the pandemic crisis. While that’s incredible news, this initiative is also meant to encourage future pet parents to adopt or foster knowing they’ll have the support they’ll need to succeed. Charlotte’s Web wants to continue to support this incredible movement of helping dogs to get adopted and is doing so by introducing its “Welcome to the Family” adoption box filled with full-spectrum hemp-infused products to support pets from shelter to home, including the brand’s Calming Chews, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops For Dogs and Canine Hemp Infused Balm.

Just like humans, dogs have an Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, which plays a major role in helping the body maintain general balance and well-being. For this reason, CBD oil has the potential to be helpful to a dog’s wellness in the same ways that it can for humans, including promoting a calm disposition and supporting health of joints and connective tissue. CBD oil can help your pet cope with everyday stresses and make sure they have support to run, jump and play, especially as they get older.Our in-house expert Jen Palmer is available to discuss pets and CBD. Want to know how to take care of a shelter pet? We have the famous Dr. Kwane Stewart, AKA Street Vet, on call veterinarian is available to answer all your questions.

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