Panhandle Milling acquires Arrowhead Mills

Panhandle Milling announces its acquisition of the Arrowhead Mills facility in Hereford, TX.

Panhandle Milling is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Arrowhead Mills facility in Hereford, TX. These new assets will serve to further-grow Panhandle Milling’s business via the expansion of capabilities, products, and custom packaging solutions. 

Panhandle Milling’s new and current capabilities include extrusion, flaking, drying, enrobing, grinding, and roasting. The expanded product portfolio boasts exciting new innovations like cereals, beans, whole grains, legumes, cereals and flakes, organic flours, stone-ground whole wheat, mixes and blends, and gluten-free specialty flours and grains. 

Panhandle Milling’s custom packaging is the icing on the cake for retailers who carry a wide variety of products on their store shelves. Choose from stand-up pouches, pillow pouches for cereals and beans, and bag-in-a-box for mixes. And, in the interest of providing Panhandle Milling customers a full suite of services, custom bag artwork is always an option. Proceed with confidence and make your product shine by choosing from a variety of certifications among which are BRC, GFSI, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Kosher. 

Another exciting development and expansion currently in the works is PHM Safe’s ready-to-eat technology that will be an optional addition for all Panhandle Milling products offerings across all facilities. 

 “In the past six months, we’ve seen an enormous demand spike in the retail flour and mix spaces. We are excited that with the Arrowhead Assets, Panhandle Milling will allow us to accommodate the rapidly-growing needs of both new and existing retail customers and serve to strengthen our partnerships in the flour space,” notes Panhandle Milling President, Peter Bisaccia. 

In addition to continuing to support the growth of our customers, PHM Brands is also proud to play a role in maintaining and supporting the local Hereford workforce. “Supporting West Texas and the people of West Texas through both jobs and wholesome, nourishing food has always been central to the values and the mission of our Panhandle Milling business,” emphasizes Bisaccia. “During these uncertain times we’re in a unique position of growth and it’s important that we actively work to pay it forward.” 

The addition of the Hereford facility is the first of a series of expansions to come in the near future that will continue to focus on serving retailers and customers in key areas of the country. Panhandle Milling is uniquely positioned going into the holiday season to support retailers up and down the baking aisle. 

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