Veramaris appoints Jeff Alix to the role of Global Head of Business Development

Veramaris has appointed Jeff Alix to manage the launch of Veramaris Pets to the pet food industry.

 Veramaris, a biotech specializing in natural marine algal oil high in Omega-3, has appointed a new Head of Business Development to manage the launch of Veramaris Pets to the pet food industry.

Veramaris Pets is a new source of Omega-3 for pet food which provides twice as much EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids compared to fish oil.  

Jeff Alix takes the role of Global Head of Business Development for Companion Animals, preceded by 18 years at DSM which, together with Evonik, founded Veramaris in December 2018. 

Jeff brings to the company a wealth of experience in the pet food industry; his most recent role was Global Marketing Manager, Pet Nutrition, at DSM. 

Prior to joining DSM, Jeff spent eight years at Bioproducts managing product development for this leading pet food flavor company and helped establish a joint venture in Australia, and 10 years as a research scientist at Nestle’s pet food technology center in the US. Overall, his pet industry R&D, sales, and marketing career spans 37 years.

Commenting on the appointment, Karim Kurmaly, CEO of Veramaris, said: “Jeff adds a huge amount of value to Veramaris and our launch into the pet food industry thanks to his considerable experience in and knowledge of the sector.

“Over the past two years our algal oil has been well received by the aquaculture industry. In 2019 we won the F3 Fish Oil Challenge for selling the most fish-free EPA & DHA Omega-3. Now our natural marine algal oil is available to pet food manufacturers, we look forward to contributing to improving the health of pets thanks to increased consumption of Omega-3.”

Commenting on his new role at Veramaris, Jeff Alix said: “As someone who is passionate about the pet food market and specifically the health and nutrition of companion animals, the opportunity to join Veramaris and spearhead the launch of its innovative algal oil to the pet food industry was one not to be missed.

“Not only is Veramaris Pets sustainable and free from ocean-borne contaminants, it also provides a concentration of EPA & DHA Omega-3 exceeding 50%, offering pet parents a healthy and conscious option for their beloved pets.”

Veramaris Pets is the first of its kind in pet food; a natural, rich and sustainable alternative to fish oil to help pets enjoy long, healthy and happy lives.

The natural marine algal oil is made from microalgae, which is particularly rich in essential EPA & DHA Omega-3.

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